It only takes a foot of water inside a car to ruin it forever. Between rust, mold, mud and water incursion into sensitive electronics, once submerged; a vehicle is never going
                                     to be the same, and the problems never go away.
                                                              " Scissor Lift Cars ",
        affectionately known as " Daddy Long Wheels " has the solution for you
                                                                 and your vehicle.

  The reasoning is simple enough. Most people don't want to drive one of those mud          guppies around all week; you know the ones, pick-ups raised up so high you can
                                                 see the drive shaft at window level.
                                                              " Scissor Lift Cars "
has systems that can be installed as after market items to the vehicle of your choice so     that you can still drive your favourite car but not be subject to the danger and safety                                            limitations of the regular flood prone automobile.

It goes without saying that the driver will still need to be wise about his or her choices            as to which 'flood plains' are crossable and which are just too deep to risk.
At it's maximum extension the vehicle would be safe from head high water, though the                    speed of the flow would need to be considered seriously at that depth,
                                     even with the onboard bladder bags at full capacity.
The annual figures are stupefying. The repeated incidents involving flooded cars and       the risk to life and limb continues unchecked despite our ability to put men on the             moon and send a space shuttle out into space and bring it back over and over .
                                                                     ENOUGH !!
Basically, a system of hydraulically controlled scissor lifts to elevate your car above the         flood waters and a set of onboard bladder bags to add extra  weight to the car,
                               to prevent from being washed away by the currents.
  Installed into the trunk and the back seat, the 'inflatable' bladder bags are filled with                         water from the flood by a screened hose attached to a suction pump.
The addition of  2, 3, 4 or even 6 or 8 hundred gallons of water to the total vehicular weight
   will ensure the continued traction of the vehicles tires with the road as it traverses
                                                               the flooded road way.
As it is, unprepared motorists are attempting crossings based on conclusions about the depth of the water compared to known items, like other cars, street signs and such,
and that premise would apply to a Scissor Lift car as well, though the chances of
                                      doing the crossing would be elevated considerably.
  Since the inherent danger of being washed downstream will still exist for any driver                         attempting to make a crossing during a flood; the factory direct models of the
                                                                   " Scissor Lift Cars "
would ultimately be designed as floating, sink proof vehicles including special bullet proof glass which would prevent glass puncture in the event of a wash  away during a stream                  crossing, or a sinking; and a  reserve air supply  could be activated by the driver or passenger with the dash mounted release lever to compressed air tanks under the seats.               Various choices in capacity would be available, as well as options for cabin air or                                                drop down  rebreather units for each  passenger.
It's not too  hard to see how this would work, though the motor would need to be designed for submersion as some are already, you've seen snorkels on SUV's already, and that would be easy to do here.
Thanks to the maker and photographer for this photo, found on
Dark Roasted Blend